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Let's Make Art!

Something to get your juices going...

HP Art Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
This community is open to all artists who enjoy drawing and viewing Harry Potter artwork.

The idea is simple: every two weeks a new challenge will be posted (if we, um, remember). Do a sketch for it. That's right, a sketch! It need not be a finished drawing or anything – the idea of this is kind of along the lines of the "15 minute fic" comms. Just show us what the challenge inspires you to draw, even if it's in class on the lined paper next to your trig notes! :D

who runs this?
katmaxwell: she who is basically in charge of setting up new challenges every two weeks. Haha, that’s a good one.
ani_bester: she who started this crazy trip, like whoa.

If anything comes up that you feel needs mod-ly attention, message one of us and we'll help, otherwise, we’re just your average laid-back posters. Etc. Ad nauseam. (Mmm, Latin.)

who can join?
We are open to everybody who can play nice.

some things to note:
1. This community is everything friendly.
2. We accept all art, ranging from ratings G to NC-17.
3. If you don't quite get your work up within that week, yes, you can still post it later.
4. The challenges are posted by the mods (eventually). You can suggest them all you want, but please don't post one, as this won't work if multiple ones go up at once.
5. You can post more than once per challenge. If you have several pictures at once, put them all in one post, but more than one post over the week is okey-dokey as well.

posting format:
Link to work: (It must either be and offsite link, or a cut tag)

suggest a challenge, Holmes:
If you have an idea for a suggestion, comment here like a good cookie.

Challenges can be vague or specific: it doesn't matter; and they can be AU, or canon, or a ship, or whatever you want pretty much. But don’t suggest, say, “Snape”. Because as much as we all love Snape, mmm that sounds like fun, there’s… no where to go with it, yes? Yes. Frabjous.

rules, etc., ad nauseam, la di dah:
1. Don't flame.
2. Don't flame.
3. Don't pick a fight. ([Bad username: katmaxwell]’s meaner. Seriously.)
4. Don’t flame omg.
5. You must note the rating of the art, s’il vous plait, por favor, amabo te.

Sankyuu and good night.